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When people feel good, they work hard and businesses thrive. Join us for an uplifting, experiential training that equips your company with simple tools to thrive. 


There is no greater time to focus on the wellness, than right now.

83% of American professionals are stressed out at their jobs. When people are stressed, they are not performing at their best, which dramatically impacts attitude, productivity and retention in corporations around the world.

What would happen if we built a routine of health and happiness habits?

We’d start the day rested, feeling our best, ready to tackle the day’s challenges and go above and beyond on the job. Sounds awesome, right? That’s just the beginning.

Individual well-being and positive culture is the foundation of success and engagement at work. It’s really simple: when people feel good, they work hard and businesses thrive.

So, how do we implement wellness in the workplace? The truth is, wellness is far more than health assessments, flashy programs, long lists of healthy foods and exercise plans. Wellness starts with connection: a connection to self and others.

In this uplifting, experiential training, you will uncover a whole new way to view company wellness through simple practices that cultivate positive culture, boost brain performance, and foster happy, engaged, resilient employees.  

Generation Wellness is transforming organizations by helping individuals tap into their highest potential with simple tools that don’t take much time, but create big impact.

"Lyndsay infuses so much energy and trust into the room immediately! This training meant a lot to our staff and the feedback was extremely positive."

Mike Stewart
Executive Director of Boyer Children's Clinic

Meet Lyndsay

Lyndsay Morris, M.Ed, RYT-200 is an international speaker, creator of the Wellness in the Workplace Training and the founder of Generation Wellness. She has spent the last decade infusing fun, engaging wellness practices and connection activities into classrooms, companies and communities around the world. She weaves together the “feel good” with the research by sharing powerful stories and practical tools that create lasting change. Her educational background includes a Master of Education in Guidance and School Counseling, combined with numerous certifications in teaching and mindfulness. She is an award-winning educator, recipient of the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award in 2011 for her innovative, active, and relational ways of teaching life skills and counseling children and teens. For more information about Generation Wellness, click here.

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